Effect – Stylized Fire

Fire effect – a single plane that takes a wind direction and adds it to the view projection of the billboard.

Effect_Water_Start _compressed

Effect – Water

A water solution for my game which features a stylized graphical style. The features of the water are: Caustics via triplanar mapping, depth color and alpha, shoreline color, surface texture with normals texture distortion, refraction, ...


Effect – Waterfall

A waterfall made from concept to “final” asset.


Project – Wild game

This is a project I’ve begun working on – i will be posting things related to it here.


Tool – Behaviour Tree Editor

This is an editor i made for a behaviour tree functionality – it works similar to uinity’s Mecanim/Animator, but much simpler.


Tool/Shader – Velocity Vertex Displacement

A combination of a script that feeds the smoothed velocity of an object to the shader that then distorts the vertices according to a texture mask.


Shader – General effects shader

A multipurpose shader made for various effect scenarios.


Tool – Painter

A generalist tool for painting various things, currently I have implemented a vertex painter and an “object” painter, that paints arbitrary objects onto surfaces. Made as modules so adding a new “painter” is very plug ...



Collection of 2D things I’ve done.



My masters project. I did everything besides sound and music. Download here . Can be played with keyboard, but controller is the better experience.


Trail of Regret

I art directed the game as a part of the DADIU program. Play here  .


Eat Alone

I did the programming. Also some of the visual and a co-op effort of gamedesign, with Jeppe Sørensen. Made for Nordic Game Jam 2014, during a weekend. Play here http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/407/


Get the Gold

A 15 week project, I have done with Jeppe Sørensen and Jesper Sølling.It is a 4 player co-op local multiplayer game. I was responsible for the coding primarily, with a shared game design effort. I ...



Various 3D stuff I’ve done.


Between a blob and a hard place

A flash game made with the use of flashpunk. Can be played here.